Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Going To Perform At 'Christmas In Washington'

Justin Bieber is going to perform at "Christmas In Washington" which is assuming through her given interview in Kiss FM.

Justin Bieber  Performed At 'Christmas In Washington'
While in England to promote the release of his Under the Mistletoe album, Bieber interviewed by radio station Kiss FM, where he discussed his fans in the White House and exposed that he'll be performing at the annual "Christmas in Washington" show which to be broadcast December 16 on TNT.

By saying "President Obama ... his kids really like me, which is cool, "I'm actually doing 'Christmas in Washington,' and I'm performing for him and the whole Senate and all that."

Justin Bieber  Performed At 'Christmas In Washington'

The lineup for 2011's "Christmas in Washington" show has yet to be officially announced, and a spokesperson for TNT did not respond to MTV News' request for comment by press time. But, if he does perform, Bieber can count on the support of the commander in chief, whom he described to MTV News as "really cool."

Justin Bieber  Performed At 'Christmas In Washington'
"Obama was really nice, and I was just happy to be at the White House, "We met Sasha and Malia, took pictures with them, took pictures with the first lady" Bieber said last year.

Sasha and Malia
Justin also said that "The first time I met him was a couple months back,"I got to hang out with him in the Oval Office, which is pretty crazy, because no one really gets to go in there. It was pretty incredible. I got pictures with him."

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