Saturday, August 27, 2011

Justin Bieber Christmas Album in Working

Justin Bieber screams out by saying he is giving tween girls another reason to be cheerful this holiday season. He's going to release a Christmas album! It seems that the work for the upcoming project has been started quietly, and the final product will hit stores this winter.

Justin Bieber Christmas Album in Working
Justin Bieber also announced he's donating the profits to charity. He tweeted yesterday: "So it's true...been in the studio doing something special for Christmas. We are going to try and raise a lot of money this year for charity!" and this is the another reason for fan to go out and collect the version.

Do you belive that you can suggest name for Justin upcoming album?
Yes, it could be Because, Justin Bieber is facing problem to make a name for his upcoming album. For this reason, Justin has tweet in Twitter by saying, "Trying to figure out the name of this christmas album. It is special. We are going to raise a lot for charity with it. What is a good name?" to 12 million twitter follwers.

Justin Bieber Christmas Album in Working
After hearing the news, the fans of Justibn Bieber are suffering of his Christmas Fever and Santa's coming in Time.

Can you imagine??? If Justin gives a normal name of his upcoming album, it will be hit to her crazy fan. Because, after her last album "My world 2.0" which has been released in March 2010 and sold 283,000 copies in the first week, launching it to the top of the Billboard 200 chart, till for more than one year, no album has been released by Justin Bieber.

Recently, Bieber popularity has been proved in Mexico When the singer comes to town and girls in Mexico sobbed on the pavement after tickets to his only concert in the country sold out.

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